10. August 2015

International Action Plan

Final text as adopted by the fifth Meeting of the Parties to the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement on 18 May 2012:
http://www.unep-aewa.org/meetings/en/mop/mop5_docs/docs/mop5_27_draft_ssap_gwfg.doc (2.9 MB) and
http://www.unep-aewa.org/meetings/en/mop/mop5_docs/docs/mop5_27_draft_ssap_gwfg.doc (7.7 MB).

Membership of Action Plan Steering Group

As agreed at the Islay international workshop –

Christine Urquhart, SNH
Ævar ​Petersen, IINH, Iceland
Jens Bagger, GH, Greenland
Tony Fox, NERI/GWGS, Denmark
Ian Francis, GWGS/RSPB, UK
David Tierney, NPWS, Ireland
Carl Mitchell, WWT, UK
Hólmfríður Arnardóttir (formerly Einar Þorleifsson), Fuglaverndarfélag Íslands
Sergey Dereliev, AEWA Secretariat
David Stroud, JNCC (Secretariat)

Meeting of 11 November 2009
Agenda: Steering Group Agenda November 2009.doc
Paper on legal options for Action Plan: Options to conclude.doc
Paper on publication options: Naturally Scottish.doc
Summary of proposed Scottish small sites project: GWfG Small Sites Project draft proposal.doc
Summary note of teleconference on 11 November: Steering Group Summary of mtg November 2009 v2.doc

Meeting of 30 June 2010
Agenda: Steering Group Agenda June 2010.doc
Summary of outcomes:

Meeting of 5 September 2012

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