14. December 2009

67a Gigha and Glenbarr, Kintyre, Strathclyde Region

History:  Greenland White-fronted Geese have long been known to feed on the island of Gigha and down in fields well south of the normal fields used by geese from the Rhunahaorine flock on Kintyre at Glancardoch and Glenbarr.  With the increases in both of the large flocks on Kintyre, these flock have become larger and seemingly more discrete.  Their regular presence does not rule out interchange with the Rhunahaorine complex, but their presence as separate entities during coordinated counts on Kintyre make it increasingly logical to report the numbers using these areas as discrete flocks. Both resorts are now regularly counted by SNH staff and totals from these areas reported separately at least since 2005/6 in the case of Glencarr.

Maximum winter counts:

Breeding success: No separate assessment of breeding success has been made at these resorts, but this may be an option in future.

Feeding sites and habitat: Not fully known, but reseeds, improved and more rough Juncus pasture in both areas.

Roosting sites: Not known in details but assumed to be those used by the Rhunahaorine flocks.

Habitat change: None known to affect the geese.

Aircraft disturbance: Not known

Hunting disturbance:  Not known, but not thought a problem.

Agricultural disturbance: Not known, but although there will undoubtedly be some; this flock has many alternative feeding areas that any disturbance is not thought to constitute a significant problem.

Site safeguard: Roost sites protected as part of the Kintyre Goose Roosts SPA and Ramsar site

SNH Natural Heritage Zones/Area: Argyll West and Islands.

Threats: Not known

Linkages with other sites: See Rhunahaorine account.


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