15. December 2009

71 Barr Loch, Renfrew, Strathclyde Region

History and status: Abandoned.  The past status of this “flock” remains obscure, possibly once of regional importance (R&O 63).  It certainly seems with hindsight as though a group of Greenland White-fronted Geese turned up in this area in the 1970s for 3 years on the trot, but whether this was a regular haunt beforehand is difficult to fathom.  There were 65 there in March 1973, up to 60 in January-March 1974 and 48 were seen in January 1975.  Since that time, R&O (1979) reported birds from there, but these were sporadic and usually were clearly o migration (in March-May).  Conditions seem favourable for the geese should they choose to return, but the good observer coverage enjoyed by the site in recent years has so far failed to find any regular use by the population.
Site safeguard:  Barr Loch and the adjoining Lochwhinnock is an SSSI and RSPB reserve.